Monday, March 23, 2015

Your Thoughts Create Your Life

Change your mind, and you will change your life!

I recently watched a PBS pledge show featuring Dr. Christiane Northrup. She's a favorite of mine because of her attitude toward aging.  In her presentation, she mentioned studies done by Ellen Langer, someone I'd not heard of before...but the information was fascinating.

Excuse me for being thrilled, but Ellen Langer is my new favorite person. Do you know the feeling when you have a belief that so many people don't share, and then you find someone who confirms what you've believed for so long? If you've never experienced that feeling, trust me, it's a real RUSH!

Langer, a psychology professor at Harvard, has done mountains of research on mindfulness vs. mindlessness. Being in the now vs. one's mind being somewhere else at any given time. Her research has indicated, time after time, that where your mind goes, your body follows. If you believe you're coming down with a cold, your mind follows that thought and the cold appears. If you believe you're old, then your body follows with age-related aches and pains. If you believe you have an illness that must be treated indefinitely with medication, your body follows that thought as well.

Here is a youtube video of Langer titled "Mindfulness Over Matter". It just might be the best 22 minutes you've ever spent.

Mindfulness Over Matter




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