Monday, February 2, 2015

Unconventioinal Aging

I think we can win over all our adversities with love.   ~~Edythe Kirchmaier

I'm friends with a most remarkable woman...well not real friends...just Facebook friends. Her name is Edythe Kirchmaier. She is always cheerful and giving of herself, spending many hours volunteering for an organization called Direct Relief in California. She's been a guest on the Jay Leno Show as well as Ellen and Oprah. 

I haven't been in a fan club since the Beatles burst on the scene in the 60's, although I do admit to a "cougar-crush" on Bruno Mars, but I am certainly a huge fan of Edythe and want to model myself after her. You see, Edythe just turned 107. She got her driver's license renewed at age 105 which earned her a visit to Jay Leno, Oprah and Ellen; and she volunteers regularly at Direct Relief.

To learn more about this amazing woman, follow the link below:

Edythe on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday Series

Age is just a number, it's your take on life that makes all the difference, after all...




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