Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Win One For YOU!

This post first appeared in It's All In Your Head on June 24, 2013

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. That is true success.

If someone has never experienced success, they have little chance of developing a habit of success because they don't know what success feels like. Instead, they're only too well acquainted with the frustration of feelings of failure. This is why it's so important to put children in situations where they will they will know at an early age what it feels like to be a winner.

You've all experienced success in your life, but maybe you don't feel like it's a habit. So, how can you acquire your own habit of success? The answer is the same--set yourself up for success in everything you do. Arrange things so you can succeed. Nothing is too small. Being successful doing small things builds an atmosphere of success that you will carry with you into more challenging situations. One success is built upon another.

The key is to be gradual. If you start an exercise program, don't aim to evercise for one hour every day at the start. You'll be setting yourself up for failure. If you decide to return to school, don't take a full load of classes the first semester. You'll be setting yourself up for failure. If you want to change your spending habits, don't cut out all extraneous spending at once. You'll be setting yourself up for failure. The idea shouldn't be "how fast can I do this", it should be "how can I succeed". The principle is to start at a level that guarantees your success and then gradually take on more difficult tasks.

The more times you succeed, the more confidence you build. And the more confidence  you have, the easier it will be for you to continue to succeed.

~~Weekly Challenge~~
Think of a situation where you tried and failed. Was it because you took on too much all at once? Could you have started smaller and been successful? If so, rethink how you can take this same situation, break it down into smaller steps that you will be successful in accomplishing, and carry it to a successful conclusion.

Notice how each success makes you want to move on to the next step. In no time at all, you'll be at the top.




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