Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Cage

The walls we build around ourselves are the highest of all.

The zoologist examined Mohini, a beautiful tiger confined to a 12'x12' cage. Sympathy overwhelmed him as he watched the tiger pace back and forth, day after day, so he lobbied and succeeded in having a new habitat built for her.  There was green grass, rolling hills and a stream running through it.  With great anticipation, everyone involved watched as the tiger was released to her new home.  Astonishment overtook joy as Mohini walked to the back of her new area and began pacing, 12 feet one way, and 12 feet back.  She did this for the rest of her life.

My question for you is big is the cage you have built for yourself?  If you limit your activities to those things you do now and don't stretch out and risk new adventures, you are much like Mohini.

Don't live each day the same as the last.  Explore new people, places and things.  Broaden your horizons, and if you find some things you don't like, fail at activities you try, or some people reject you, it's all right. You have stepped outside of your cage.




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