Monday, May 5, 2014

Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

What do you have against me?  I've never been anything but a good user of your products. I've had my hotmail account for over 10 years.  It has never been hacked, I change my password regularly, and I have never strayed outside of the rules of the account. In fact, I think I've been the perfect user.   So imagine my dismay in April when I tried to log in to get my emails and up popped a screen that read "We may be overprotective but..."

Not knowing why you felt the need to be "overprotective" of  my account, I jumped through the hoops you requested, and my email was put on hold for 30 days.  I could still access my messages, so that was good enough for me.  Then last week a message was delivered to the email address you demanded I add to my settings to receive your security information.  My hotmail account was finally free.  YAY!

I tried to log into my newly liberated hotmail account this morning for the first time.  Surprisingly, the screen popped up with a message "We may be overprotective but..." and requested me to enter a 25 digit security code.  Seriously...25 digits! 

Since I have no clue what this is, my account is back on hold for 30 more days.  I looked for a "Contact Us" link where I could discuss this with an actual human being.  Finding none, I sit here...again...fuming...and wondering if I will ever be able to access my hotmail account again.  I wonder if Bill Gates has these issues? 

Dear Microsoft...I just thought you should know.



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