Monday, April 21, 2014

The Way to Happiness

There is no way to happiness.  Happiness is the way.

~~The Buddha

If you want to know the secret to happiness, read the quote above.  The secret is...there is no secret.  You can begin an unending search for happiness and probably not find it.  You might believe that you will be happy when you get a new car or go on a special vacation.  You might get caught up in the "if only's"-- if only I had (fill in the blank) then I'd be happy. This is brief happiness at best.

The reason is that happiness cannot be found by looking outside of yourself.  The only place you will find true happiness is on the inside.  And in order to recognize it, you must quiet your mind, something that seems elusive in today's chaotic world.  But it can be done with some practice. Trust me on this.

So remember to BREATHE.  Inhale slowly, hold for a few seconds, and then exhale completely.  While you're doing that, picture something that brings you peace and allows you to unplug for a moment or two.  That is the start of bringing happiness into your life.

It IS All In Your Head!



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