Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fragile...Precious Cargo on Board

Stress Plus Pregnancy

Not A Good Combination

Pregnancy is a joyous time for many women.  And it's also a time to watch your health.  What you eat and drink are shared with the baby.  Alcohol and cigarettes should be kicked to the curb to give your growing child the best chance at a healthy start.
While these are common-sense steps that many women follow during pregnancy, I wonder how many realize the importance of living as stress-free as possible.  Yes...your stress impacts your unborn child.  Stress creates a toxic chemical cocktail in your brain that courses through your bloodstream and reaches your still growing child impeding healthy growth.
When you are under stress, your physiology changes.  You are thrown into a "Fight or Flight" pattern that speeds up your heart rate and raises your blood pressure.  Blood is directed away from the visceral organs and sent to areas of your body that might be needed for you to either fight or run away to safety.  Another thing that happens in "Fight or Flight" mode is that your conscious brain is put on the back burner in favor of your subconscious reflexive brain.  You're just not as smart when you're stressed out.
As all of these things are happening to you, they are also being passed on to the baby inside you.  I bet you never thought about that as a consequence of your stress, did you?   
So it's important to watch what you eat, watch what you drink, take your vitamins, stay calm and remember to BREATHE!


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