Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Chauffeur

This "chauffeur" has endless far.

Now that my husband is home from the hospital, he can't drive for 6 weeks.  Yikes!  I had no idea how many places he travels daily.  There's bowling 3 times per week...he can't bowl now, but he goes to support his team (and receive support from them).  An avid coupon-clipper, he does his "drugstore runs" every week.  Then there are his St. Vincent DePaul and other church activities. 

Because he can't drive, I have become his "chauffeur".  Luckily two of his bowling days are covered by teammates...bless them.  I get him to the bowling alley on the third day, and someone else brings him home.  Because walking is part of his recovery plan, I drive to the mall daily where we walk for about 90 minutes.  Last week he looked at me hopefully and said "You know, I have lunch at Friday's every Wednesday."  How could I turn him down?  His activities are in addition to my own weekly schedule.  I may need a bigger calendar.

The biggest problem with being the chauffeur is my passenger who has a difficult time relinquishing control of the car to me.  "Why are you turning here?"  "It's faster if you go this way."  "The other lane has fewer potholes."  I get many opportunities to practice deep breathing, which is a good thing. 

Our marriage survived us both quitting cigarettes at the same time...I'm optimistic it will survive this too.

It IS All In Your Head!



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