Friday, January 31, 2014


You're frustrated because you keep waiting for the blooming of flowers

of which you have yet to sow the seeds.

~~Steve Maraboli

Today I am feeling frustrated. There's no particular reason...or maybe it's just hundreds of small reasons all balled up into one.  The weather is driving me dogs are driving me husband is driving me students are driving me crazy.  Maybe part of my frustration lies in the fact that with all that "driving", it's really a pretty short ride.
What I should be feeling is gratitude.  The sun is shining down on the snow making it look so very sparkly.  I have a husband and dogs so I'm not lonely.  And my students...well they mean that I have a job.  Hmmm...taking those frustrations and flipping them around to gratitude was actually quite easy.  I feel better already.
The next time you're feeling FRUSTRATED, try flipping your frustration into gratitude.  You will be amazed how it changes your outlook.
After all...

It IS All In Your Head!



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