Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Myths

The holiday season is here. Are you already stressed out to the point that you’re not enjoying the holidays – in fact, you can’t wait for the whole thing to be behind you? According to the experts, the major cause of holiday stress is unrealistic expectations. Do you measure your expectations against what you see on television, in the movies, and by what others expect of you? If so, read these Holiday Myths, take a deep breath, and enjoy the holidays instead of making yourself miserable.

Myth #1: "Everything has to be perfect."

Give yourself permission to change your definition of "perfect" As long as whatever you do is done with love, it will be perfect.

Myth #2:  "Families must get together and enjoy each other's company."

I don't know of one single family that doesn't have some dysfunctional episodes, especially around the Holidays.  Being together often aggravates already strained relationships.  You can only control yourself, so let go of feeling responsible for any bickering relatives at the Holiday feast.

Myth #3:  "Giving is more important than receiving."

There is a true feeling of warmth and love when giving to others whatever the season.  But the fact's wonderful when someone remembers to give to you.  If you feel forgotten by your loved ones, then give something special to yourself and make no apologies for it.

Myth #4:  "The Holidays are a time of joy."

The Holidays can be very joyful, but they are also very hectic.  It's okay to feel overwhelmed and under appreciated.  When this happens, just take a breath and relax.  It's not up to you to do everything to make the Holidays special.  Ask for help and if none is forthcoming, then take a step back and do what you can to make them special for you instead.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be blessed and safe!

It IS All In Your Head!