Monday, October 14, 2013

Five Fingers

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.

~Alice Walker

As an information hoarder, I have access to many hundreds of interesting tidbits collected over the last 20+ years.  Here's something I thought you might enjoy.

Five Finger Assessment of Friendship

1.  Thumb--the base.  Is sharing in the relationship both deep and broad?  Some relationships are one or the other.  But...real friendship is both.

2.  First Finger--the pointer.  Does the other person in the relationship reciprocate?  Examine if the relationship is going anywhere.

3.  Middle Finger--the longest.  Is there mutual sharing, or are you doing all the work?  Real friendships are a balance of give and take.

4.  Ring Finger--connected to the heart.  Is the relationship growing and deepening or is it static and declining?  Real friendship continues to grow and thrive in any circumstances.

5.  Little Finger--the weakest.  Are both persons proactive?  Does each of you take initiative to suggest activities, share your thoughts and feelings, and take a stab at solving problems that arise?  Real friendships involve sharing on many levels.

It's good to assess our friendships every now and again to make sure they are working for us.  Using your five fingers as a guide, it's easy to determine if a relationship is helping you grow or weighing you down.

It IS All In Your Head,


The "Five Finger Assessment of Friendship" was developed by and used with the permission of:

Don H. Morris
Encouragement Plus Coaching



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