Monday, September 23, 2013


Surround Yourself With Happy Faces

A lifetime ago, when I was a secretary at General Motors, the Sales Department was big on acronyms and motivational messages to the dealer body.  My guess is they are still big on both.  One motivational acronym that has stuck in my mind all these years is PMA...Positive Mental Attitude.

I'm a "glass-half-full" kind of person, and here are my best tips for cultivating and maintaining PMA:

Expect Good Things
Often our expectations turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.  Loretta LaRoche says that if we expect the worst and get the worst, we suffer twice.  But if we expect the best and get the worst, we only suffer once.  I see the wisdom in this logic.  It's better to be happy and then disappointed than to only be disappointed.

Hold On To Happy Thoughts
The name of this blog is "It's All In Your Head".   Do I really need to say more?

Add Positive People To Your Life
It's human nature to be chameleon-like and change ourselves to mirror the people in our life.  Choose friends who are negative and hateful, and that's who you become in their presence.  But, choose friends who are supportive and positive, and see what happens.  It's magical.

Look For The Good
Bad things happen to everyone.  It's not the situation, but what you do with it that matters.  Look for the kernel of truth or the lesson you must learn in every bad situation you encounter.  Remember...the broken places make you stronger.

Picture Yourself A Winner
When you look in the mirror, see a huge sign behind you that says "Winner" with an arrow pointing at you.  Don't wait until you see it before you believe it.  When you believe it, it will appear.

And remember, it truly is All In Your Head.


Cindy Kozak


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