Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Am Not A Goose

Humans are remarkable.  We have the gift of choice, which allows us to change the course of our lives.  Heading in one direction, we can stop and turn on a dime.  If we don't like what we're doing, we can do something else.  All other creatures are driven by instinct.  Take geese.  They fly south in the winter.  If one goose suggests that maybe flying west to California might be a good idea, the other geese couldn't do it because it's not in their genetics.  They are programmed to fly south in the winter, and that's that. 

Often, I talk to people who seem to believe that they have no choice in what they do.  They give reasons why they can't lose weight, stop smoking, leave their job, leave their spouse...change cannot happen for them.  But people are not geese.  We can change if we choose to.  Your life is all about your choices.  Be sure to choose wisely.

~~Weekly Challenge~~

Tips to facilitate change:

*  Have a burning desire to change.  You can change without this emotional involvement, but it usually doesn't stick.  Think "weight loss"...people gain the weight back because the change was based on what they know they should do or what the doctor told them they must do...not because  there was a burning emotional attachment to change.

*  Know the steps you must take to make the change you want.  Not knowing this can leave you feeling like you're floundering with no one to throw you a life rope.

*  Put a stake in the ground.  Set a date to begin as well as a completion date. 

*  Keep a positive mental attitude.  This will be your shield against the naysayers.

*  Love yourself enough to believe you can accomplish anything.  Always excellent advice.

Remember you can change.  After all, you are not a goose.  It's All In Your Head.




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