Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Granny Panties

                                  No one is a better representation of you than you!

For years, I watched Oprah and was a big fan.  It seemed to me that she had a general "I accept you as you are" attitude for most people, and I liked that.  Also, I felt she encouraged us...her be "who you are".  I was encouraged in a good way.

Sometimes, her show would be about fashion tips.  Experts in makeup, hair, and dress would advise guests and perform miraculous make-overs.  I remember one such show where the discussion turned to lingere (a fancy name for underwear as far as I was concerned), and in particular...panties.  Oprah, who encouraged me to be "the real me" expressed shock and disdain that any woman would wear "granny panties" know, all-cotton basic underpants. 

My heart sank.  "Oh my.  That's what I wear" I thought. I never give much thought to my underwear, although I still heed my mother's advice to be sure it's clean "in case you get in an accident".  I'm not into lacy, or silky underwear, and I'm certainly not into thongs. It seems pointless to wear something extravagant when no one will see. Yes, I know I will see it, but I'm not impressed. 

I love my cotton underwear.  It's sturdy, practical, inexpensive and most of all, comfortable.  I guess my point here is to wear what you're comfortable wearing despite the fact that others may not approve.  Anyway, how will they ever know?

~~Weekly Challenge~~

When you feel overwhelmed trying to please others, try this instead:
  • Walk straight and tall, shoulders back.
  • Don't be afraid to make eye contact.
  • Exude confidence...let it seep from every pore in your body.
  • And remember, no one can see your underwear.




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